Passion for danish design and craftsmanship

Klassik Studio

A genuine passion for beautiful designs and exquisite craftmanship is the cornerstone for KLASSIK Studio. It has its origins from Klassik Copenhagen, which since 1991 has been the leading specialty store selling vintage Danish design classics. The Studio handpicks unique and forgotten designs from the Danish modern movement.

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Logo Design
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Creative Director: Mads Haakansson
Designer: Adam Ørskov
Web developers: Adam Ørskov, Kristian Poulstrup
Project manager: Lukas Holtmann, Jacqueline Hultén Westh

Lukas Holtmann
CEO & Partner
+45 20 42 90 95

VISIT — Copenhagen
Nygade 7. 3rd fl
1164 Copenhagen

CVR 38695045