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Bedre Nætter

Many Danes suffer from sleep problems and do not know what to do to get a night of better sleep. (eng: Better Nights) has a mission to help Danes sleep better, but since they only exist online, it is difficult to gain trust from consumers when they cannot physically experience their products. How can prove that they can help consumers achieve the best night's sleep and that good sleep changes everything? A good life requires good sleep. Therefore, we developed a hotel room that provided the framework for the best night's sleep. The right temperature, colors, plants, scents, literature, food, and beverages as well as activity rooms such as yoga, meditation, and spa. All of which have been proven to create the best sleep; developed uniquely for this experiment. We launched the hotel on AirBnB and in less than 2 days we were fully booked from 10 Feb - 10 May. It cost 299 DKK and you had to enter personal information, so you got the right mattress for the bed.

Social media Organic reach increased +125%
Added +10,1% more traffic to our webshop
Online bed sales rose 30%
B2B sales increased dramatically by 221% (request from hotel groups)
350.000 of total impressions in Denmark


Spatial Design
Graphic Design
Experimental Design

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Creative Direction: Jacob Bjerring
Spatial Design:
Carina Ellegaard Jacobsen & Jacob Bjerring
Art Direction:
Sophie Bendixen & Kirill Dmitrichenko
Graphic Design:
Kia Morsing
In cooperation with:

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