STUB wins WOLDA award!


Wolda is an international competition for logos and business stationery, which aims to honor the world's best work in the area of logo design and business stationery.

STUB is a winery located in one of the only and best places to grow wine in Denmark.The logo represents the surroundings where the wine is made. The south-facing slopes and its location next to the sea makes this location unique and perfect for wine production. Every part of the logo is drawn out of elements from the nature with a lot of references to wine; the waves of the sea that forms a grape cluster, the hills with curves from a wine bottle and lastly the tower that characterizes the area and at the same time shapes a bottleneck.

Lukas Holtmann
CEO & Partner
+45 20 42 90 95

VISIT — Copenhagen
Nygade 7. 3rd fl
1164 Copenhagen

CVR 38695045